4 Facts About Virtual Reality

If you are considering purchasing VR equipment, here are important facts about virtual reality in Abu Dhabi. Prices, Common equipment, Applications, and Perception are just a few. There are dozens more to consider, but these are essential to know about this emerging technology. Read on for more information. Until then, enjoy the virtual reality craze. It’s more real than you might imagine! There’s a whole new world of possibilities awaiting you. Prices: Pricing for VR devices has varied from high-end headsets to budget models. VR hi-tech requires expensive hardware and a knowledgeable user. The prices of VR headsets and content depend […]

Beginners Guide to Interior Designing on a Budget

You can do some things as a beginner to make your project go smoothly. First of all, choose a color scheme or style that you like. Then, mock up the room to get a feel for how it will look when finished. Here are some more tips on office interiors in Dubai for beginners. Read on to learn more about these important skills. You can apply these tips in your own home. Once you’ve learned them, you’ll be on your way to a successful project. Don’t panic if you make mistakes: First, don’t panic if you make mistakes. Many design materials are […]

The Best Tools For Voice-Over Recording

Over time the voice-over industry has been booming rapidly due to its versatility and good future. If you are into this profession, you must understand the different tools for an effective recording. You can also hire professional voice over recording services for your projects. Read below some of the great tools for voice-over recording.  Avid Pro Tools: When you start using Avid Pro Tools, the process begins with creating a new project. Choose a name for the project and VO_Template for the recording format. Once you’ve selected these, you will be prompted to select a sample rate and a folder structure. Avid […]