There are many common signs your car needs new auto spare parts. Tires are wearing out, the battery is dingy, or the suspension system bushings are worn. When these parts fail, your car can no longer run reliably. You can find out when your car needs new parts by following the tips in this article. Here are some other important signs to watch for.


If you have ever noticed your car’s tires have become worn down, it’s time to replace them. The tires have a six-year expiration date, but they don’t necessarily go bad immediately. You can also check the manufacturer code on the tire to determine its year and week of manufacture. These are just a few of the signs that you should replace your spare parts. Tires can also begin to lose air, which is bad for fuel economy.

Cracks in the sidewalls of the tire can indicate a mechanical problem. These cracks can develop over time from wear and ice. These cracks can affect the tire’s traction, which can cause a blowout or leak. Fortunately, these signs don’t require you to replace the entire tire. However, if you notice a crack in the sidewall, you should replace it right away.

Control arms:

Several signs of deteriorating auto parts can be seen in the car’s control arms. If one of these parts is leaking fluids, it’s time to replace it. This component is essential for handling a vehicle and should be durable. You can purchase new control arms from the manufacturer or an aftermarket supplier. Purchasing them separately can be expensive, but you don’t have to go through the trouble of pressing them out. Aftermarket arms are made with better materials than the OEM, which makes them better for handling, wheel alignment, and longevity.

Suspension system:

Your car’s suspension system connects your car’s body to its wheels, and is responsible for the smooth ride and handling it provides. Suspension parts combat momentum and help keep your car balanced, so they’re subject to a lot of stress and wear.

If you are noticing that your car is exhibiting the following signs, you may need to replace auto spare parts. Tire wear, a ding on your battery, or worn suspension system bushings are all signs that you need to replace these parts. Even if your car seems to be working well, you may want to get your vehicle checked by a mechanic. If any of these signs are present, you should replace them as soon as possible.