Having a live out nanny Dubai is a great idea for many families. They can provide emotional support to the child when the parents are away and a safe and healthy environment for the child. A live-out nanny typically works up to 10 hours a day. This can vary depending on the age of the children, but most work from 8 am to 6 pm. They will also have other obligations, such as babysitting. These responsibilities are paid on top of the nanny’s salary.

The nanny should be a warm, trustworthy individual who has childcare experience. This is important because the nanny is responsible for all aspects of the child’s care during working hours. Please clarify what you expect before the employment begins. You can do this by having a job interview, which will allow you to see how the nanny interacts with the child. Doing this lets you know if the nanny is a good fit for your family.

The nanny will need to have a valid DBS certificate, as well as a pediatric first aid certificate. This certification will ensure that the nanny can take care of medical emergencies. You should also ensure that the nanny has been trained in child development and age-appropriate activities. You can ask the nanny to take the children on recreational outings and enrichment activities. They can also administer medication, perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and monitor allergies.

The nanny will need to arrive on time to meet the children, as well as be able to take them to various activities. Some nannies will pick up the children from school and take them to after-school programs. Some nannies may prepare meals for the children and clean and maintain the home. You should give the nanny the ability to request certain foods for the children as long as you can ensure that she has enough food.

Live-out nannies usually have other jobs and children of their own. This means that they may need to be more flexible with schedule changes. They may have to work weekends or evenings. The nanny should have a place to stay, including a private bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. They should also have a vehicle. They should be able to help with errands and shopping. They should be able to do laundry.