What are nursing services at home? A home nursing in Dubai is an important addition to a client’s healthcare team. A nurse will monitor the client’s health and make recommendations to improve their well-being. For example, a nurse can help clients set up a medication regimen, track adherence, and report adverse drug effects to their prescribing health care provider. Moreover, some clients may benefit from a nurse accompanying them to medical appointments. A nurse can help families understand care instructions and manage appointments during doctor’s visits.

In-home care:

Home nurses are certified medical caregivers who provide in-home care. These home health aides and licensed practical nurses provide a variety of in-home nursing services, including the initial evaluation of a patient’s medical condition, developing a treatment plan, and coordinating more advanced forms of care. To ensure that you receive the best care possible, you should check if your home care nurse is certified by Medicare or Medicaid. You should also check your personal insurance provider’s guidelines and requirements to determine the coverage you can receive.


The costs of nursing services in the home vary considerably, from about Dh 163 per day for a homemaker to DH 387 per month for a full-time registered nurse. These rates include the cost of the services themselves and training, contracts, and other expenses. The costs of homemakers and nurses are significantly less expensive than those in nursing homes, though live-in care may still be more expensive. Nevertheless, many seniors find this option to be worthwhile.


There are many rights that a person with a disability has when they receive nursing services at home. In addition to receiving appropriate care, a person has the right to participate in their care and evaluation. They should be provided with all relevant information about disciplines and services. They should be informed of the frequency of services, alternatives, and consequences of refusing care. Listed below are some of the most important rights a person with a disability has when receiving home health care.


A nurse who provides nursing services at home is a highly skilled individual who is legally required to comply with federal regulations regarding the provision of health care services. They also monitor the patient’s condition and implement therapeutic techniques and nursing procedures. They may not perform hands-on interventions.